Call to Artists: Canada Place 150

This is a Call for Submissions for Artists working in Photography:

(Written by Harriet Madigan, co-chair of the North Bay Heritage Gardeners) 

I am contacting you regarding a Canada 150 project, Canada Place 150, Planting the Seeds of Diversity and Inclusion.  Below is the media release describing the project.  

We are doing an art project  involving the Lindsay Weld Centre, Multi-Cultural centre, WKP Kennedy Gallery and the general public, leading up to the opening of this waterfront attraction.  The participants are creating a disc with their interpretation of what Diversity and Inclusion (what it is or what it is not) means to them. 

We would like to have photographs as well, that represent your interpretation of diversity and inclusion.  If you choose to participate, your photo print would a donation to the project and would be printed on a 5” diameter canvas disc.  All art works will be assembled together as a mural, at the Gallery.  Costs for discs and printing on canvas will be assumed by the Heritage Gardeners Canada 150 project.  We ask that you include a short statement and your name with the photo as well.  All contributors will be acknowledged in the Gallery.  

Please let me know if you are able to participate.  You would email your photo to me at

Thank you for considering.

Hariett Madigan

Project Media Release:


Celebration & Commemoration Program - Canada 150 Fund

Canada Place 150

Planting the Seeds of Diversity and Inclusion

The North Bay Heritage Gardeners has received $50,000 from the Government of Canada for the creation of Canada Place 150, a new waterfront gathering place to celebrate diversity and inclusion as part of Canada’s 150th anniversary.

The project also honours the 20th anniversary of the North Bay Heritage Gardeners, a milestone for the award-winning volunteer organization.

“More than 200 volunteer gardeners care for and maintain the waterfront gardens, cultivating a legacy of stewardship and civic engagement. They’re ambassadors for the City with visitors and residents alike who visit the waterfront each year.  The legacy of civic pride, social connection, and giving back to the community will be celebrated through Canada Place 150,” said Heritage Gardeners Co-chair Hariett Madigan.

“The Heritage Gardeners are a key partner with our government in working to build welcoming and inclusive communities here in Nipissing–Timiskaming and across the nation. This North Bay project will leave a lasting legacy for Canada’s 150th anniversary and create a wonderful place for residents and visitors alike to enjoy for many years to come.”

- Anthony Rota, Member of Parliament for Nipissing–Timiskaming

Canada Place 150 will act as a gateway on the North Bay waterfront at the entrance to the 53 garden beds across from the pedestrian underpass that connects the waterfront with the downtown.   Children from Lyndsey Weld Centre for Children and new Canadians engaged with the North Bay & District Multi-cultural Centre will be involved in the planting of the new gardens and opening ceremony celebrations anticipated in the fall of 2017.

“This gathering place, and the new gardens, will be a beacon to future generations; a visible celebration promoting a community culture of volunteerism, environmental stewardship and life-long learning,” said Wanda Wallace, Heritage Gardeners co-founder and member of executive committee.

Canada Place 150 is one of several projects and activities that will take place in the community and across the country in 2017 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Confederation.

Donors and supporters of the North Bay Heritage Gardeners will be recognized with plaques located at the sculptures site, to honor their dedication and contribution to the ongoing legacy of the Heritage Gardens.

The North Bay Heritage Gardeners would like to thank the Canada Place 150 Steering Committee, City of North Bay, North Bay & District Multicultural Centre, Lindsay Weld Centre for Children, Mitchell Jensen Architects, and W. K. P. Kennedy Gallery for their generous support of our Canada Place 150 project.

News and updates about upcoming events and activities will be posted to the Heritage Gardeners website and social media pages. More details will be available soon on

This project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada.

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