Opening Reception: 29 Students, One Teacher

Tuesday, May 23, 7:00-9:00pm


The WKP Kennedy Gallery is very pleased to present the works of 29 students who traveled to Canada from Mexico to attend the English for International Communication Institute, or EICI. These students, only 12-13 years of age, teamed up individually with renowned local artist Jürgen Mohr to create this breathtaking array of paintings, modeled after master artworks. This exhibition shares with us the spirit of collaboration, and the value of imitating master artworks for the purpose of education.  Learning through imitation, and graced by the leadership of an experienced mentor, one discovers the infinite potential for creativity within. We are thrilled to present this marvelous collection of student artwork at the Kennedy!

Teacher/Professional Artist: Jurgen Mohr

Student Artist Names:

Jorge Saldamando Ustaran

Raúl Alberto Garcia Borquez

Manuel Lopez de Lara Castro

Benjamin Valencia Dabdoub

Eduardo Imanol Medina Covarrubias

Ricardo Ortiz Navarro

Isaac Verduzco Armentilla

Armando Esquer Parra

Raúl Elizondo Clark

Hector Alonso Dabdoub Soto

Lucio Robinson Bours Aviles

Ana Sofia Caballero Ceballos           

Lenin Everardo Obregon Plata

Karoline Lopez Valerio

Federico Bracamontes Romo

Alberto ( Beto ) Villalobos Anguis

Mario Octavio Gallegos Valenzuela

Alejandro Ricaud Gastelum

Guillermo (Willy) Alberto Borquez Burboa

Rolando ( Roly ) Bracamontes Romo

José Manuel Gutierrez Salazar

David Alberto Dominguez Brito

Gabriela ( Gaby ) Dominguez Brito

Carolina Dominguez Brito

Mario Ricardo Carbajal Sanchez

Germán ( Arturo ) Lopez Portillo Zabre

Alejandro Lopez Portillo Zabre


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