Life Drawing

September 28, 2022
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
End Date
December 07, 2022

The gallery is pleased to offer life drawing sessions in partnership with the Nipissing University Fine Arts department for you to practice your figure drawing skills alongside other artists within our community. All are welcome to join in drawing sessions regardless of your experience or skill level—we are here to have fun and learn from each other! Life drawing refers to the practice of observing and rendering the human figure. Traditionally, life drawing is done with a live, nude model. Life drawing has been a large part of the traditional training of artists in the Western world since the Renaissance. The practice continues to be important to artists of today as the human figure remains one of the most enduring subjects in the visual arts. A clothed live-model will be posing for artists in various positions and time-limits for two hours each session. Spaces are determined on a first-come first-serve basis with a $10 cash entry fee at the door. This is a BYOS (Bring Your Own Supplies) event! A selection of drawing boards, benches and chairs will be provided thanks to Nipissing Fine Arts. Artists should bring whatever mediums speak to them. Mark-making tools could include graphite/charcoal pencils, graphite/charcoal sticks, conté sticks, coloured pastels, coloured pencils, pens, or even wet mediums such as inks or watercolours. Drawing surfaces would include large pads of newsprint, cartridge paper, sketch books, or high-quality sheets of paper (Stonehenge). Other tools to remember are hard/kneaded erasers, blending stomps/smudging tools, and a sharpener/sharpening knife. Life drawing sessions are scheduled to take place at the end of every month. Meeting locations will alternate between the WKP Kennedy Gallery and Monastery Hall each session. September 28th 7-9pm - WKP Kennedy Gallery October 26th 7-9pm - Monastery Hall November 30th 7-9pm - WKP Kennedy Gallery December 7th 7-9pm - Monastery Hall

$10 Cash At-Door