Call for Submissions - 'Branches of Baubles' Ornament Sale

October 24, 2022

With the holidays nearing us right around the corner, it is time to get fesitve and deck the halls! As an icon of the holiday season, we wait in anticipation for the jolly moments of decorating the grand tree and basking in the glory of her glimmering bells and baubles, shimmering tinsle and ribbons, and the crowning of the topper to finally unveil the display. 

The tree becomes an amazing spectacle of holiday whimsy as it becomes adorned by a gorgeous collection of ornaments. Whether they are the elegant and elaborate bulbs that glow high in branches, or the playful cherishments from childhood that tend to push to the back, the crafting of ornaments remains a revered tradition of holiday cheer!

Do you have a collection of your own hand-made and original ornaments that would look lovely on someone else's tree? Feel inspired to create some ornaments to sell for another family's tradition? We want to hang your work on our tree this season!


In prepartation for the 'Branches of Baubles' Ornament Sale, the gallery will be accepting a maximum of 5 original ornaments from any local artist to contribute to our holiday tree display in the lobby. 

Get creative with your submissions! Ornamnets could range from painted bulbs, wooden and glass pieces, or working even working with metal. Any medium is accepted as long as it can hang! 

Ornaments can be dropped off from November 14th - 24th between the hours of 12pm - 4pm. Please bring your physical, original work to the gallery with the following information prepared for each piece:

1. Title 

3. Medium 

4. Date of completion

5. Value / Price

Accepted works will be put on display and on sale from November 25th - January 6th.

As per standard practice, the gallery will place a 20% commission rate on any works sold. Artists will be notified upon the sale of their work. 

Artists must pick up any unsold work from the gallery on the dates of January 9th - 13th between 12-4pm.

Any questions may be directed to

We can't wait to see what artwork you have to offer!