Last Call for Francophone Artists: Franco-Nord Contemporaine

May 26, 2022

At the WKP Kennedy Gallery, we have always been proud to feature the various cultures of our home in northern Ontario. It is with immense joy and anticipation that we welcome the talents of Francophone artists from our northern region to display in the gallery once again. 

Are you a Francophone identifying artist living in northern Ontario? If so, now is the time to have your work locally displayed in the public gallery of North Bay. 

As we extend our call for exhibition projects for the Franco-Nord Contemporaine show coming to the gallery this winter, we are eager to see what Francophone artists have to offer. 

The deadline for submissions is fast approaching with the call for proposals closing on May 31st. 

Not only do we look forward to being able to view and experience the brilliant work of our Francophone artists, but we highly anticipate the chosen artists as the show has remained a prestigious marker of promising and accomplished artists with significant achievements in their field. 

With the upcoming exhibition being the second of its kind held by the gallery, we fondly reminisce over the first show of its kind held in 2019, ‘Fonction, Faillite,’ by Alexander Rondeau and Anyse Ducharme. 

As a collaboration of artistic genius between artists with their roots in Francophone culture, both would continue their artistic legacies with future professional endeavors such as working as part of other notable galleries and organizations, as well as advancements in their education. 

While these admirable artists were able to hold a celebrated opening reception, their incredible resilience was felt as the show would inevitably be cut short due to tragic flooding in the gallery space. 

This year, the talents of our northern Francophone artists will shine yet again. With the submission of your works, we can anticipate that only a delighted audience will be flooding our gallery floors. 

The show will be on display in our large gallery starting November 22nd, with an opening reception held November 24th. 

Artists, make sure to have your applications submitted by May 31st. 

It is free to submit, and selected artists will be receiving professional payment.

All application details can be found on our Akimbo ad 

or, with our previous posting under News & Opportunities.


Let us celebrate contemporary Franco-Nord art!